Saturday, June 19, 2010

An update and a question!

Hi!! So some of you know that my computer is currently down for the count due to a virus and hopefully being fixed as I type!! Unfortunately that may mean no YouTube videos temporarily! : ( However, you will find me here on my blog and also over at Papercraft Star's blog and forum!!!

I am VERY interested in hosting a swap. I was trying to think up something that hasn't been done or being done currently! Today it hit me that it would be fun to do a die cut swap! Swap die cuts from Cricut, BigShot, etc... Die cuts can get expensive especially when you want all of them! LOL So I thought it would be a fun way to get several  different die cuts! The economy is not the greatest so maybe have a group that does chipboard and another group that does cereal box?? Maybe for each group, each person could do one die cut shape that would be big enough for a mini album and one that can be used for an accent piece! As you can see it's still in the works! LOL My questions is...... would this be something that interests you?? If not, let me know what kind of swaps you are interested in! Share your ideas with me and I will try to get the ball moving on this swap!

Thanks for checkin' in!
Have a blessed day,


TheLastOfNine said...

Regan, die cut swap is a great idea and chipboard would make it nice and sturdy. There are some dies I would like but only use once or twice, it would be too expensive to buy. I will be out for a couple of weeks, and would love to participate in your swap when I'm back.

Emora Designs said...

Thank you and thank you for your interest Gloria! I am sure once I can do a YT video I will get some interest from there as well! I will try to plan it out and will post a video when I am ready for sign ups! It may be a few weeks, so no worries! Thanks again, Regan