Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have you seen this Monkey?

Hi all!

    I am posting this hoping that one of you can help me! While at Disney World, my youngest daughter's lovey was lost. It is a Just One Year Monkey by Carter's, bought a couple of years ago. It was given to her as a gift and we weren't sure where to get a second one. We have since been on the hunt for one and are unable to find it. We have tried other monkeys but she throws them down or says "huh-uh". If you have one you are willing to part with or find one for sale somewhere, you would make one little girl so happy!
Below you can find a picture of the monkey we are looking for.

Thank you in advance for your help! I am praying for a miracle here! : )

Have a great week,


♥♥♥Jan ♥♥♥ said...

Our grandson is a monkey lover as well - I will keep my eyes open for it !!

just me said...

Poor baby, I am gonna register this week at Babies "r" Us and Target so I will look around for it and let you know if I find anything!!


Emora Designs said...

Thank you Jan and Mari for your help, we really appreciate it!!

Hugs, Regan

Kristina H said...

Oh Regan, how sad! I'm so sorry, poor baby.
I will keep my eyes open for one.

Emora Designs said...

Thank you Kristina!

TheLastOfNine said...

Hi Regan, I went to a Carter's by me and was told that this specific monkey was sold by Target. Called their 800# and was told that it was on clearance because it's discontinued and no longer available. So sorry.

Emora Designs said...

Hi Gloria! Thank you for doing that for me! That is so sweet of you! I posted it on a blog for lost lovies and got a reply today. Someone posted one on ebay today so I bought it!! YAY!!!
Thanks again for your help!!
Hugs, Regan