Monday, October 18, 2010

Groups for TH Swivel Clasp Charm Swap!


Thank you so much to those of you participating in my swap! I was overwhelmed at the response and I am excited to get started and to see all of your fabulous creations!!

I did have a couple of questions that I wanted to go ahead and clear up.......

You will NOT be receiving a completed swivel clasp and you do NOT need to send a swivel clasp! You will be swapping 4 of one charm and 4 of another charm for a total of 8 charms. Make and keep one of each of your charms for yourself if you choose to.

Someone also asked if all the charms need to be identical... No, if you are using buttons, game pieces, vintage items, etc. and they are going to vary, that is fine. I would say try to make them at least along the same lines.

I hope that you find this swap to be tons of fun! If you have any questions feel free to email me!
Now for the groups!

Group A: MAILED!!
1. Olga - REC'D
2. Amy C. - REC'D
3. Mary - REC'D
4. Amy (amylh03) - REC'D
5. Dana - REC'D

Group B: MAILED!!
1. Allyson P. - REC'D
2. Anna F. - REC'D
3. Sarah - REC'D
4. Robin M. - REC'D
5. Lynn - REC'D

Group C: MAILED!!
1. Veronica T. - REC'D
2. Lisa W. - REC'D
3. Amy K. - REC'D
4. Martha - REC'D
5. Lori - REC'D

Group D: MAILED!!
1. Rosie - REC'D
2. Joanne - REC'D
3. Kathy - REC'D
4. Sandy - REC'D
5. Rocio - REC'D

Group E: MAILED!!
1. Maureen - REC'D
2. Alycia - REC'D
3. Laura - REC'D
4. Jane B. - REC'D
5. Regan - HERE!

Angel Swappers: We didn't need any angels this time! YAY!!
1. Amy K
2. Regan

If you didn't leave your email address in the comments when you signed up, please comment with your email address or send me an email. I need a way to contact you!

Please be considerate of the ladies in your group! If you are not planning on following through with the swap or are unable to, please let me know as soon as possible so that I am able to find a replacement.

Again, Thank you! Please have your charms to me by Oct 15th. I will get them sorted and mailed back out to you after I receive all the charms!

Please be sure to read ALL the details referring to Mailing the charms to me!

Happy Crafting!


Lori said...

Hi, I can't remember if I gave my email on my comment. It is My youtube id is klipngirl.

golden moments said...

Hi Regan, So do we just send the charms? do we put the little attacher or just the plain charm?


Emora Designs said...

Hi Veronica! Please attach either a jump ring or lobster clasp.... something for the ladies in your group to attach the charm to their swivel clasps. Thank you!!