Monday, December 6, 2010

November Groups - TH Swivel Clasp Charm Swap

GROUP 4: The last person's package is suppose to be on it's way here. I tried to contact her again and haven't gotten a response. If her package isn't here by Wednesday this week (Dec 8th) then I will mail your charms without hers on the 9th! Please email me if you have any questions and I appologize for the delay!

NOTE: If you do not have enough postage on your return package, I will not mail your charms!!
Please be sure that you have at least $1.22 in postage on your return envelope and you include an extra 2 $.44 stamps in your package just in case!

Hi Ladies!!

I have the groups ready, but I just want to remind you of how the swap works and PLEASE read over the mailing section! Some of you included two stamps but no postage on your return envelope which means you didn't have enough postage.

Please be considerate to the other ladies in the swap and have your charms to me on time. Also, if you are unable to go through with the swap please let me know asap so that an angel swapper can take your place!

Each group member will create 2 different charms for each person in your group for a total of 10 charms (if you include yourself). That's 5 of one charm and 5 of another. Please be sure to attach a jump ring or some kind of small clasp so that group members are able to attach them to their swivel clasps. Please keep the metal color in mind. I don't mind store bought charms but please make one of your charms an original!! Also, be sure to put your charms on a tag or in some form of packaging with your name, youtube or blog. For ideas on some fun charms to use, see my video HERE.

Mailing your Packages:
When mailing your packages to me, please include at least a 6X9 inch self addressed, stamped envelope for me to mail your charms back to you! No metered strips please! Also include at least 2 extra $.44 stamps in your package, if I don't use them, I will mail them back to you. You may consider putting your charms in some kind of sealed bag to keep them from being damaged.

Please have the charms to me by the 15th of the month (November 15th). I will then sort the charms and mail them back to you! Once you have your charms attach them to your swivel clasp or a chain with a clasp of some sort and use them on your minis, as an ornament, or even make bracelet! NOTE: you will not be receiving a completed swivel clasp charm. You will be receiving charms to attach to your own personal swivel clasp to create your own swivel clasp charm!

For This Month:

Theme: Fall - Be inspired by the fall colors, pumpkins, harvest, thanksgiving, etc..

Finish of TH Swivel Clasp: Antique Copper

Thank you so much for making this swap a success and so much fun, I was able to add an extra group this time!! Now for the Groups

Group 1: MAILED 11-24
Kathy - REC'D damaged Nov 22
Maureen - REC'D Nov 13
Anna - REC'D Nov 13
Lisa - REC'D Nov 10
Gloria - REC'D Nov 12

Group 2: MAILED 11-24
Sandy - REC'D Nov 15
Jane - REC'D Nov 6
Robin - REC'D Nov 15
Amy K. - REC'D Oct 29
Mindy - REC'D Nov 10

Group 3: MAILED 11-24
Joanne - REC'D Nov 8
Alycia - REC'D Nov 10
Allyson - REC'D Nov 12
Veronica - REC'D Nov 20
Maricella - REC'D Nov 6

Group 4:
Rocio A. - REC'D Nov 15
Teri - REC'D Oct 30
Lynn - REC.D Nov 8
Michelle M.
Amy C. - REC'D Nov 15

Group 5: MAILED
Pam - REC'D Nov 19
Michele - REC'D
Sarah - REC'D Nov 15
Leonie - REC'D Nov 19
Amy H. - REC'D Nov 9

Group 6: MAILED 11-24
Stacie A. - REC'D Nov 1
Dawn D. - REC'D Nov 12
Michelle G. - REC'D Nov 12
Jann N. - REC'D Nov 15
Regan - Done Oct 29

Group 7: MAILED 11-24
Laura S. - REC'D Nov 20
Anna M. - REC'D Nov 3
Angie - REC'D Nov 5
Sandy W. - REC'D Nov 12
Regan - Done Oct 29

Angel Swappers:
1) Amy K.
2) Maureen - Thank you Maureen!!


ANGIE said...

Hi Regan. I was on the lookout for your Swap opening to sign up, but somehow missed it. Do you announce it on YouTube or just on your blog? I've subscribed to both. (so I'll know for the next time). Thanks......Angie

Emora Designs said...

Hi Angie, both! I actually have 3 spots still open, if you would like one let me know!

ANGIE said...

Regan, I would love to take an open spot. Could you please let me know. I'm at Thanks!

Sandy said...

Hi Regan,
I would love to join this swap if its still open.

I'm at

Anonymous said...

Can I get your address please to mail my charms?
Thanks...Stacie Alison

Jann said...

YEEEE HAAAA see that you got my charms doll...long way from Ideeehoooo....glad to know they arrived...:o) Thans for such a fun swap.....

grammypame said...

Hi regan, I sent you an email but not sure if you got it. Just want to let you know my charms are on their way! I made a little something for you to say thanks
Pam (grammypame) at youtube

Kathy said...

Hi Regan
I was just wondering if you received my charms yet? I mailed them the 1st or 2nd of the month I beleive! Thanks, Kathy

Stacie said...

Hi Regan, I am involved in Cindy's charm swap as well as yours. I was trying to send my charms off to Cindy, but I don't have her address. I have emailed her, but gotten no response yet. Is there any chance I can get it from you - I see yours have been received.