Friday, October 15, 2010

TH Swivel Clasp Charm Swap - November Sign Ups! ****CLOSED****

November Swap Details:


There will be groups of 5 (yourself and 4 others). Each group member will create 2 different charms for each person in your group for a total of 10 charms (if you include yourself). That's 5 of one charm and 5 of another.


Please create 10 charms (8 if you don't want to include yourself) - 5 of one charm and 5 of a different charm. Please be sure to attach a jump ring or some kind of small clasp so that group members are able to attach them to their swivel clasps, be sure to keep the metal color in mind. I don't mind store bought charms but please make one of your charms an original!! For ideas on some fun charms to use, see me video HERE.

Mailing your Packages:

When mailing your packages to me, please include a self addressed, stamped envelope for me to mail your charms back to you! No metered strips please! Also include at least 2 extra $.44 stamps in your package, if I don't use them, I will mail them back to you. You may consider putting your charms in some kind of sealed bag to keep them from being damaged.

Please have the charms to me by the 15th of the month (November 15th). I will then sort the charms and mail them back to you! Once you have your charms attach them to your swivel clasp or a chain with a clasp of some sort and use them on your minis, as an ornament, or even make bracelet! NOTE: you will not be receiving a completed swivel clasp charm. You will be receiving charms to attach to your own personal swivel clasp to create your own swivel clasp charm!

For This Month:

Theme: Fall - Be inspired by the fall colors, pumpkins, harvest, thanksgiving, etc..

Finish of TH Swivel Clasp:
Antique Copper
To sign up, please leave your name and an email address to contact you! I will post groups here on my blog on Friday October 22nd or when the groups are full!

Thank you,


Bohemian Gypsy said...

Hi Regan,
I would love to sign up for your November charm group please. I live in Australia so I think I will have to paypal you the postage as return stamped envie won't work for you to post with Australian stamps on it. Let me know what you want me to do. My email is Looking forward to it.
Michelle Menser

golden moments said...

Hi Regan!! Sign me up for nov!! thanks veronica torres

bluucaca said...

Hi Regan i would to join you this Month of Nov. Thanks

karate_girl5 said...

I would love to join! I really loved how your charm turned out. You can reach me at


Anna Fallas said...

Sign me up!!!! I see a lot more detail on this swap LOL!!! I gotta bring my a game for November that should be fun to do and thank you sooooooooooooo much for hosting it.


Leonie Castro said...

Sign me up please :D Love charms!!! Thanks for hosting!
scrapaliciousleo You tube
scrapaliciousleo gmail

jpod Inc. said...

Hi Regan,

I'm signing up again here just in case you didn't get my response to your email for the October swappers.


TheLastOfNine said...

Regan, sign me up, it sounds like fun. Can't wait!!

Emora Designs said...

I have all the above ladies signed up! Thank you so much for participating!! :)

Allyson said...

I think I signed up from the email that you sent a few days ago, but wanted to make sure.
Please add me to Nov.
1966allyson - YT

grammypame said...

I would love to join Please add me to Nov.
grammypame YT

Maureen, The Nanny Bee said...

Hi Regan,
I don't want to miss this one....I think I'm hooked! I'm in for sure!

LehighGal said...

Hi Regan,
had fun on the last one, would love to sign up this time also

Emora Designs said...

I got you down ladies! Thank you!

Michele said...

I would love to join Regan. Sounds like fun. I love seeing the swaps so far so this should be great!

ciolabunch (at) yahoo dot come

cpbunch YT

Anonymous said...

Hi Regan!

If your groups are not full, I would love to join.
TuberDawn - YT

Emora Designs said...

I have you signed up Michele and Dawn!! :) Thank you for joining! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to sign up...I have so fallen in love with cool charms...
Stacie Alison

Michelle Goslin said...

I would love to sign up for the Nov charm swap also. This will be my 1st time doing charms.
Michelle Goslin

Emora Designs said...

Thank you Stacie and Michelle!
Michelle, you'll do great and have a lot of fun... I'm sure of it! :)

Thanks again, Regan

Anonymous said...

Charms are complete, can I get your address please?
email is

Robin M said...

Hi Regan,
I got my Nov swap day after Turkey day. Thanks to everyone in my group. I think you all did a wonderful job. Thanks Regan for hosting this swap, It's been so much fun. I also mailed out my Christmas charms to my partner. I mailed them way before Turkey day and I'm hoping she gets them soon.