Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family - Mixed Media Painting

This is mixed media painting number 5! I am having so much fun with these paintings! It is somewhat therapeutic! I started this one not knowing what I was going to do for sure but a family is what came out of this painting session!

I am sure you are wondering why they don't have faces! To be honest... I tried to draw the baby's face and it looked a little weird and maybe even a little scary so, none of them received faces!!

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Kristina said...

It's really great! I kinda like them with no faces :)
I should really give this a try, I used to LOVE to paint but haven't done it in years!!

Sarah said...

I actually really like the fact they don't have faces. Makes it that much more interesting to look at..Don't get me wrong.I like it when you add faces to them too.