Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Hello My Neglected Blog!

Hi there!

        Wow, here I am after almost a 4 month break! First off, thank you to those of you who sent emails or messages of concern they are greatly appreciated. My family and I are doing well. Why the long break? Well first it was a vacation home for Christmas, then we when came back home we had to move AGAIN and guess where!? Back to Florida... Oh the joys of being a military wife! I am not complaining though, we love Florida! Once we arrived the hunt for a new house was on.... My friend had her baby, we closed on the house, moved in, started unpacking, the washer went out, bought a new washer and dryer.... The list goes on. We are still trying to unpack, settle in and figure out where everything is going to go.

       In other news, back in December we found out that we are expecting! That meant all through, Christmas, the move and now I have been pregnant. The first trimester and half of the second I was SUPER sick so that put a damper on things. I am feeling better now but do wear down easily. We are so excited for the new addition of our family and can't wait until he or she arrives!

       I haven't done much crafting until these last couple of days. Friday and yesterday I completed 5 pages in a mini album... hopefully it will be completed soon so I can share it with you. I stepped down from Papercraft Star as a design team member. With the move, being sick during this pregnancy and with a baby to prepare for, it was too much. I love my friends at Papercraft Star and will miss it over there but I think my decision was best for myself and my family. I will continue to craft, when I have time ;), and share here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. I am still hosting the Baubles, Bangles and Beads Jewelry swap over at YourPaperPantry!

        Well I suppose that is enough blabbing for now! I hope all is well with all of you! Off to finish laundry... fun, fun!



Tracy said...

Well I hope everything has gotten settled down for you at least a little. LOL We sure miss you at Papercraft Star, but I surely understand how limited your crafting time i. Lots of new adventures and excitement coming up for you and I pray that God will bless every bit of it. Huge hugs to you Regan!

scrapsofmine said...

Regan! Girl I miss you too!! Thanks for sending me a xmas card. I've been thinking of you and as well wondering where you are. I saw you comment on a video of mine the other day and I was so happy to see your name pop up! I'm so excited for your next phase in life! Don't ever feel you have to do it all, being a wife and a mother should always come first before crafting. In time you'll get back into doing crafts and fitting it into your life again. I'm super excited for you about adding to your family! I stopped scrapping/crafting during my 3rd pregnancy and was able to hop back on board when he was able to take longer naps and play contently by himself while being in the same room as me. Hang in there girlie! Remember God will only give you as much as you can handle! Hugs, Leslie

Clevercrafter said...

Glad to hear that your absence was not due to anything nasty and congratulations on the expected addition to your family.Hope you continue to keep well and life's pace slows down a little. I miss your YT videos and hope that you will be able to find time to share with us all again. Take care.

angel said...

I'm ne wto your blog but wanted to say I feel your pain. I was a Air
Force Brat so I know about the moving. Plus I was sick through the first two trimesters of my pregnancy too. I didn't have to do both at the same time thankfully. So I'm so sorry for you. Hopefully everything calms down for you soon.

Sleepy Stamper said...

Regan, I'm so glad things have settled down for you and your family. You have definitely been missed! Best wishes to you and your growing family! Looking forward to seeing any of your amazing work:-)


Jann said...'s been so long since I talked with you. OMGoshes doll...your pregnant!!! Have you had your baby yet? Do you know what your having if you have not?....let me hear from you of wishes and smiles...