Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swivel Clasp Charm Swap Sign Ups! ****CLOSED****

NOTE: This is my second post of the day! :)

I was inspired by this charm on Tim Holtz' blog.....

To create this...

I posted a video on my YouTube HERE.

After much thought and some interested viewers, I have decided to host the Swivel Clasp Charm Swap! You can see the video I made for this swap on my YT HERE.

Here are the written details:

There will be groups of 5 (yourself and 4 others). Each group member will create 2 different charms for each person in your group for a total of 10 charms (if you include yourself). That's 5 of one charm and 5 of another.

Please create 10 charms (8 if you don't want to include yourself) - 5 of one charm and 5 of a different charm. Please be sure to attach a jump ring or some kind of small clasp so that group members are able to attach them to their swivel clasps, be sure to keep the metal color in mind. I don't mind store bought charms but please make one of your charms an original!! For ideas on some fun charms to use, see me video HERE.

Mailing your Packages:
When mailing your packages to me, please include a self addressed, stamped envelope for me to mail your charms back to you! No metered strips please! Also include at least 2 extra $.44 stamps in your package, if I don't use them, I will mail them back to you. You may consider putting your charms in some kind of sealed bag to keep them from being damaged.

Please have the charms to me by the 15th of the month (October 15th). I will then sort the charms and mail them back to you! Once you have your charms attach them to your swivel clasp or a chain with a clasp of some sort and use them on your minis or as an ornament! NOTE: you will not be receiving a completed swivel clasp charm. You will be receiving charms to attach to your own personal swivel clasp to create your own swivel clasp charm!

For This Month:
Theme: Anything Goes!

Finish of TH Swivel Clasp:
Antique Bronze

To sign up, please leave your name and an email address to contact you! I will post groups here on my blog on Sunday September 26th!

Thank you,


Olga-MIA said...

This should be fun !!! Please sign me up. My name is Olga from Miami, FL my email is olgamia@msn.com. Please send me email to confirm ! Thanks for hosting ! Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Sign me up, but can I send you a PayPal amount for shipping as I live in Canada and can't send you stamps?
If this is ok, I would love to do the swap! My name is Deborah from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and my email is: deb.packwood@gmail.com
Please send me an email to confirm. Thank you so much for hosting! I am so excited!
Hugs, Deb

Allyson said...

Please sign me up for this swap. Love making charms ~
Allyson Pearson
YouTube - 1966allyson

ROCIO (rosie) said...

I would to participate! Love this idea!
YT- nunjai

golden moments said...

I would love to do this !! Sign me up!!
veronica torres
Youtube scarpaholic100

amycole said...

Sign me up! This sounds like a lot of fun!!! My name is Amy Coleman. I live in Medina, Ohio and my e mail is amycolemanrn@gmail.com.
And just for clarity I am to send you 10 charms( I included myself). Do we need to place them on the o rings or findings? Please let me know and look forward to being part of your swap!!!

Anna Fallas said...

Sign me up YIPPY I am all over it!!!!!!
My name is Anna Fallas

redsizzle said...

Please count me in. Lisa K. Wilson lisakayw69@yahoo.com Thanks for hosting this fun swap!!!

jpod Inc. said...

Hi - this sounds like a cool swap. Will you take Canadian swappers?
Please let me know: jpodinc@ymail.com
Thanks, Joanne

odonatacreations said...

Sign me up Regan! Hugs, Mary

Maureen, The Nanny Bee said...

Hi Regan! Please sign me up! Oh boy, another addiction! Can't wait! Maureen TheNannyBee11 on YouTube

Anonymous said...

Please sign me up too! Sounds like a fun swap.
Sarah cutupgluedown@gmail.com
YT cutupgluedown

amyk said...

I love this Idea!! I would love to do this swap if you could please sign me up!!! => Thanks so much for coming up with this swap and hosting it. looks like so much fun! amy kittle email: amykittle842@yahoo.com.

Kathy said...

I would love to join your swap! My youtube name is canadianscrappergirl and my email addy is dklang@xplornet.com
thanks so much!

Alycia said...

Me, me! Oh, pick me! :)

Anonymous said...

Please sign me up I cant wait it sounds fun.
I'm Amy at amylh03@aol.com

lizbeth601 said...

I would love to join your swap. Jane Bain from YPP.

scrapbookmartha40 said...

Hi Regan: I would like to participate in your charm swap please sign me up.I'm at marthabruch40@aol.com, my TY name is scrapbookmartha40.Thnak You I'm looking forward
to make them. Hugs Martha.

LehighGal said...

I would love to try this, please let me know if there is still room
Sandy lehighgal@gmail.com

Dana said...

hi regan,

i would like to join your charm swap!!

thanks so much!

Lori said...

Do you still have any spots open? I'm interested. :) Thanks!

Emora Designs said...

Lori, I do have spots available! I will sign you up! Please leave your email address! Thanks, Regan

amyk said...

THis is amy k & I'm already in the swap, I'm leaving a comment for my friend, Robin, She's having trouble leaving a comment. She is really wanting to be in the swap if you have room. her email is arubberstamper@windstream.net, if you dont mind emailing her. thanks.

amyk said...

If you are still needing angel swapers I can do that too. just let me know if you need me. thanks.. cant wait for the swap!!

CraftyQT Chio said...

I'd love to sign up! I'm Rocio, everyone calls me Chio, from CHula Vista, CA. mzchio@live.com
Youtube: Craftyqt