Friday, July 15, 2016

Draw Something!

        I have shared with you once before that I love to try anything crafty so drawing just happens to be one of the things I have tried lately. In my last post I shared that I homeschooled my girls last year. That means that I get to teach art! We did some painting, paper piecing, travel scrapbooking, play with clay, among other things. Some weeks we did drawing.

        I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called Art Kids Hub last year and my kids love it! We have drawn several of the things on his channel. What I love about it is that he speaks and draws in simple terms for the kids, he helps them to feel confident in what they have completed and lets them know that mistakes are ok. It's fun that we can all draw the same thing but they can look so different. He has both simple drawings and challenging ones, but they are all for kids. I love that he colors the drawing afterwards and offers videos on how to blend.

This one is drawn by my 3 year old!

        Since beginning the videos, I have seen an improvement in their drawing skills, both when they do videos and draw in their free time. Learning how to draw simple lines and shapes has helped them a ton. I think that maybe this year, we can focus on our blending and shading skills.

        This week my girls and I stumbled upon another awesome YouTube channel called Draw So Cute! She does break down the lines, but I feel like Art Kids Hub does a better job at this. She also doesn't pause enough to give the kids time to draw them all the time, lucky for us, we have a pause button! With that said, her drawings really are so cute and the kids have been addicted for the last 3 days! They have drawn animals, fun food, school supplies, princesses, etc. I'm not going to lie, I have become just as addicted! Drawing these cute little things is so much fun and it's something my kids can do with me!

These were fun to draw, color and cut out for paper doll fun!

I think that some of these would be so cute on the front of a card and the kids could make it themselves! SO much fun! Whether you have kiddos or not, I hope that you will check out both channels and give it a try!

Until next time!     

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