Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thought Provoking

We have been back in the states one week shy of two months now and I am somewhat surprised to say that I am feeling a bit lonely.

When we first arrived we visited family back home and that kept us busy. Once we arrived to our home, my mom stayed with us for a couple weeks, we were busy cleaning our home and fixing damage/neglect caused by our renters, shopping for things that we had sold before we left, playdates with friends, meetings for planning homeschool co-op and girl scouts. Now the dust has settled and I am finding that I am pretty lonely and bored............. my house is clean though! haha ;)

I can't put my finger on it really. Maybe it's just the difference in our lifestyle from Korea to here. While we were living in Korea we were always finding things to do, walking down to shop or to hang out, playing with friends, story time at the library, hula lessons, etc. Although we could and will be just as busy here, especially once school starts, it's different. I find this interesting to even say, seeing as life in the U.S. is go, go, go. I felt that life in Korea was more laid back; however, we were always on the move both in the U.S. before we left and in Korea. Maybe instead of it being a matter of being busy, it's actually the atmosphere I miss.

All I know is  I don't leave to walk to the store and end up out all day with my friends or girls. Instead I sit in a house that I love but with no where to walk, no one to hang out with. I mean I have friends, and we have been meeting up with them often, but life here is different. When you are living in another country, your friends are your family and connecting with them several times a week is just normal. Here your friends have their lives, you have yours, and you talk or see each other occasionally. Is it possible that I just miss the relationships and the connections to people that we had there?

Whatever the case may be, I'm sure this feeling will pass and life will move on. I will find my groove and get back to it, but isn't it thought provoking how different life can feel after experiencing life in another country for just one year?

Until Next Time!

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